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At Aims Associates we are up to date with all Governmental tax changes and we also offer full Bookkeeping and Accounting service you can Trust. No matter how big or small you are, we can help you with your Accounting needs.

In companies we generally do Audits, Tax and Consulting Work, Companies Incorporation at SECP (Securities and of Pakistan), affording staff exposure to all four. No day is the same; exposure to managers and partners is abundant, working closely with our client is immediate. While technical expertise is critical, relationship management is also essential to be successful. Today, it is vital to have the right Accounting Firm to help you with your business needs.

Let Aims Associates take a world of weight off of your shoulders when it comes to your Accounting, Tax or management needs, consequently, you are then able to focus on your core competence and do best, making money while we manage your Tax and Other Management issues.

As consultants, we are specialized in providing following benefits in terms of quality to our valuable clients:

  • Unmatched expertise and experience of servicing vast number of clients
  • An aggressive ‘to do’ service approach focusing to the interests and requirements of the clients’ management
  • International best practices methodology used worldwide, resulting in expeditious reporting and communication / resolution of issues
  • Access to international databases covering latest developments in accounting, Tax, Internal auditing and managerial services coupled with a host of specialist sector specific databases.

To achieve quality and reduce risk, we examine how your management team runs the business and manages risk beyond the finance function and across your key functional areas.

We evaluate and validate the controls put in place by the management to mitigate financial / managerial risks.

A multidisciplinary approach to any issue is the key to solve complex problems while providing a comprehensive and exact solution and Our multi-disciplinary team relies on its expertise and strong professional background.

We bring together a team with appropriate industry experience and skills including functional and technical specialists that mirror the way your business is run.

AIMS seek to provide through out superior quality services to its valuable customers in each line of services. AIMS provide industry-focused services for clients. Within our own teams and with our clients, we are collaborative, open and direct. We push ourselves and our clients to think harder, to understand all of the consequences and to consider new perspectives.

We are fully committed to providing quality services in the interest of stakeholders.

What makes AIMS different is our unique approach of working focused to the needs of our clients. The sections below outline the key aspects of this approach that set us apart from our competitors, and the benefits that our approach brings to clients.

We believe that understanding of the client and its environment is of vital importance in rendering constructive service and in carrying out assignments in an effective manner. We meet deadlines and deliver quality services.

Quality is the foundation of AIMS’s reputation and is intrinsic to the way we do work. Assignment quality procedures are embedded across all dimensions of our practice. Through our services we will make an active contribution to your business. We focus on those areas which set our service apart:

  • Planning to exceed your expectations
  • Communicating continuously with Organization
  • Knowledge sharing and communication within AIMS
  • Managing the assignment for maximum effectiveness
  • Maximizing efficiency through technology
  • Striving for continuous improvement

We review your external reporting for transparency consistent with the internal information that management uses to run the business.
At AIMS, our goal is to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to able to understand their needs and add value from our knowledge and experience.

The inputs to any AIMS projects are diverse. Our methodology first looks toward a broad and deep understanding of your company's performance. We consider first the market in which your company operates management’s business strategy and how you run the business, beyond the finance function and across all key functional areas, to achieve your performance goals. Our understanding of management’s focus is critical to test our point of view on the risks in the business and on the effectiveness of management’s measures to identify and mitigate those risks.

  • Forthright communication is the cornerstone of our working relationship with all levels of management.
  • We challenge your thinking on the tough issues facing your management.
  • Our communications program ensures we keep up an open dialogue with you on the issues you face.

We are always open and frank in our discussions, conversations and communication with you in ways that best fit to your organization. We are keen in establishing a constructive working relationship that enables our team to work with your company to identify and resolve your problems in an effective manner.

  • We can quickly mobilize a team.
  • Our consistent methodology ensures that people at AIMS have a common approach to understand your business and to evaluate your risks.

It’s essential that we committed to have the right resources that employed in a way to meet your requirements, so we deliver a consistent, coordinated, high-quality services on even the most complex international assignments.


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Our Expert Team

Imtiaz Ibrahim (Partner)

Mr. Imtiaz Ibrahim has more than 40 years of work experience as a Management Consultant in the field of Accounting, Corporate and Tax services. He is a Master of Business Administration – MBA, & Bachelors of Commerce. He has provided the services to Large and medium size multinational and local companies .

Ahmed Ibrahim (Consultant / Business Development Officer)

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim has more 3 years of experience in successfully filling income tax and sales tax returns and consulting for registration in sales tax, SECP, WEBOC, PSEB and obtaining NTN. He is currently a student of University of London doing his bachelors in law.

Fareed Shabbir (Senior Consultant)

Mr. Fareed Shabbir has more than 13 years of experience in Successfully and productively obtaining Income Tax or Sales Tax Refunds and Consulting for registration in Sales Tax obtaining NTN and effectively & efficiently handling Tax Department matters and reaching on conclusions and other Corporate Advisory services and Tax services.

Anfal Shabbir (Partner)

Mr. Anfal Shabbir has more than 20 years of work experience as a Management Consultant in the field of Accounting, Tax, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Audit & Corporate Advisory services and Tax services. He is a student member of CIMA (UK), Qualified Public Accountant – APA, Income Tax Practitioner – ITP and Bachelors of Commerce.

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Ali Hashmani
Nabeel Ahmed
Sohail Hanif
Shahbaz Ashraf
Junaid Ahmad
M. Saleem Memon
Jawaid Memon

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